About us


Sport travel agent and tourist agency based in Slovenia. The agency that is specialized for sports training camps organization was founded in year 2000. In last 20 years we have been focused on organizing sports events and preparations in Slovenia and throughout. Today we are covering and providing the best training camps throughout most of Europe and the middle east. Besides that, we have extremely good relations with several Organizations, Associations, Clubs, and National squads from different sports. This is the reason why we can truly guarantee the best conditions and organization of high-quality friendly matches throughout your training camp. 
In our team you can also find a licensed FIFA Match Agent
Franc Matic Krajnc

Besides training camps, we are also organizing football and handball tournaments for professional teams. Our handball tournament is known under the name: I feel Slovenia Handball tournament, and it is one of the biggest tournaments in the area for national teams and clubs from all over the world. That said, it is a perfect way to start a new season at the end of August. 
Every year we organize a handball coaching seminar, for those who want to learn from the best handball experts in the world.
As we also have a travel agency, we provide some of the best sport tours experiences in the Balkan and European area. They are the perfect fit for sport schools and academies that want to do some sightseeing and combine it with the sports competition.