Belgrade & Central Serbia


Hotel 4*

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Hotel 4* Nr. 1

Belgrade airport 17km – 15 min/ Belgrade city center – 1 km
  • Comfortable and big hotel
  • Positioned between the old city and shooping centers in Belgrade
  • Good choice for indoor sports
  • Recommended for Senior teams
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Hotel 4* Nr. 2

Belgrade Airport: 24km/ 30min; Belgrade centre: 18km/ 20min; Borča city: 8km/ 5min
  • Good sport resort with sports facilities on walking distance
  • Close vicinity to Belgrade
  • Flexible to team wishes
  • Recommended for youth teams or senior teams that are coming for the purposes of training
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Hotel 4* Nr. 3

Airport City Belgrade: 19,3km/ 20 min; Belgrade City 30 min; City Stara Pazova 2 min
  • Perfect sports centre for football and indoor sports
  • TOP sports facilities in the Hotel
  • For teams that are looking for Isolated training facilities

Sport facilities in area


Football resorts In the central Serbia area are offering top training facilities with an access to the football fields on walking distance. While in Belgrade there are football fields reachable by bus.


In Central Serbia there are several top sports resorts that can offer sport halls in the hotels. As in Belgrade itself there are more than 15 different multipurpose sport halls. Most of them are on the walking distance, while you can also access other halls in the bus distance up to 10min. They all can offer the perfect training conditions for following sports:

  • Futsal
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Dancing



In central Serbia and Belgrade area you can find multiple facilities for different sports.

  • 4 Olympic swimming pools
  • 1 Indoor and 43outdoor athletic tracks
  • 3 climbing wall
  • 1 ice rings
  • 5 judo halls
  • 18 outdoor and 3 indoor tennis courts
  • 16 badminton courts
  • Cycling paths
  • Multiple Professional gym’s





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