Croatia is a Balkan country that known especially by the pictures seaside. It has a great climate, that is allowing teams to make a training camps by the seaside in Wintertime. As for the summer the seaside can be to hot for training, so that is when the rest of Croatia comes into the picture. Zagreb and surroundings are a home of a few very good equipped and placed sport resorts that are representing home to many of sport teams during the summer period. Otherwise sport in Croatia has significant role in Croatian culture, and many local sports clubs as well as the Croatian national squads enjoy strong followings in the country. The most enduring sport by far in Croatia is football, and is played on amateur and professional levels amongst all age groups across the entire country. Several other major team sports are handball, basketball and water polo, with clubs in all parts of Croatia.

Why Croatia:

  • Available for training camps all over the year
  • possibility of good training camp organization also with Slovenian teams


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