Serbia is a country in the Balkan, that can offer multiple sport resorts as a perfect choice for your training camp. Bigger cities like Belgrade and Novi Sad are a good choice for all teams that are looking for a good training place with an option to roam around the city. But if you are looking for some isolation for your team then other Serbian resorts that are placed all over the country are the perfect fit for you, as they offer perfect training facilities, team isolation and yet they are not to far from the bigger cities in the area. Just like many other countries, Serbian national sport is Football. Sport in Serbia revolves mostly around team sports. Among the most popular sports in Serbia are football, basketball, water polo, volleyball, handball and tennis. The two main football clubs in Serbia are Red Star Belgrade and FK Partizan, both from capital Belgrade.

Why Serbia:

  • Sport minded country and people
  • Possibility of high-quality training matches
  • TOP resorts are accessible for a good price
  • No Visa restrictions for most of the nationalities
  • And everybody loves Balkan food


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