Balkan Handball Coaching Seminar 2022


We invite everyone who is interested in gaining new handball knowledge, from the best handball lecturers in the world to register for the 8th. Balkan Handball school coaching seminar. At this year's seminar, we will be able to observe the games from the U20 Women World Cup competition that will be held during the same period in Celje - Slovenia. During our program we will attend the games, observe and do the analysis after. There will not be only technical lectures, so you will also be an active participant in the presentation of the techniques, tactics, and physical preparation in the sports hall. Because of our way of work and presentation, our handball coaching seminar has been officially acknowledged and is approved by the Slovenian handball federation

During the event, there will be a presentation of Slovenia - the green heart of Europe, where everyone can find something for themselves. It’s difficult to find such a small region offering so much anywhere else in the world. Four different worlds are combined into a magnificent symphony that can be felt in culture, gastronomy, and natural wonders. Whether you enjoy walking well-trodden paths or prefer to turn off the beaten track, you will find stunning beauty and boutique experiences tailored just for you everywhere you go. With cooperation with IFeelSlovenia, we are ready to offer you the best we have. With a great deal of responsibility, we can guarantee that your visit to Slovenia will be enjoyable and unforgettable. As for the Handball seminar, for the past 7 years, we have been organizing the seminar, with the cooperation of IHF lecturer Nabeel Taha and other esteemed speakers from the Balkan Handball area, plus other guest IHF speakers from all over Europe we are able to organize one of the best Handball coaching seminars for coaches in the world.

Every year we are committed to making the event as successful as possible. We adhere to the highest standards of seminars in order to create an ideal study atmosphere for all participating coaches. As we are still limited with the traveling, we have decided that this year we are bringing the seminar to your homes.

After you successfully complete the coaching seminar you will receive a Physical and digital certificate, stamped and signed by IHF, EHF lecturers, and the organizing company.

We are looking forward to receiving your confirmation of participation in this seminar at the latest by the 20th. of June 2022! Please be aware that places are limited!

Yours faithfully,

NABEEL TAHA IHF lecturer and

Condor Travel Sports Managing Director



The period for the 8th Balkan Handball school coaching seminar is set. IHF, EHF lecturers, coaches from national teams, goalkeeper coaches, and other experts in the area of physical preparation, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and psychology are running point on the seminar.

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