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Slovenia Open

For the 6th year in a row we organized international handball tournament Slovenia open. Every year we are focused on offering the high-quality pre-season tournament games for all categories, from kids to senior teams. That’s why besides the best clubs, we are also hosting National teams from all over the world to play on the tournament. Our tournament is played by EHF rules on a full-size handball court inside the sport halls. The tournament takes venue in Celje – Slovenia.

We would kindly like to invite your team to participate in 7th Slovenia open handball tournament 2020. If you are looking for the best way to prepare your team for the new season, do not hesitate and apply your team on the tournament or even extend your stay and make a training camp with the combination of participating in the tournament and a week or more of all-inclusive pre-season training camp.


This year we invite age groups:

GroupEU11 born 2009 or younger (Boys & Girls)

Group DU12 born 2008 or later (Boys & Girls)

Group CU14 born 2006 or later (Boys & Girls)

Group B – U16 born 2004 or later (Boys & Girls)

Group A – U19 born 2001 or later (Boys & Girls)

SENIOR TEAMS (MENS) only 1st league teams will be able to participate


  • Minimum participants of the team are 12players and 2 staff members
  • Each player may only play for one team in one category
  • Teams may only use resin provided by organizer, any other use of resin is strictly forbidden

Game play: (All games are played inside the sports halls 40 x 20m)

  • Groups C, D, E Play 2x 20min, 2min exclusion
  • Groups B, A Play 2x 25min, 2min exclusion
  • Seniors. Play 2x 30min, 2min exclusion
  • Each team has 2 time-outs per half time, during time-outs the clock will be running, except in the last 5min of the game time (the rule does not apply for senior teams)
  • Half time pause lasts 5min – (senior teams half time lasts 10min)

Main Round:

The teams are divided into groups of three to six *teams where all play against each other. The order of involved teams is to be decided by:

  • Points
  • Points (head to head)
  • Difference in goals (head to head)
  • Goals scored (head to head)
  • Drawing of lots

First two teams from each group in same category are going to playoffs.

*in case of 5 teams in one group, there will be no playoff, therefore the final score on points will decide who is the winner.

We guarantee that each team will be able to play at least 3 games.

Ball sizes by groups (B- boys, G- girls):

  • IHF size 3 – SENIORS, A(B), B(B)
  • IHF size 2 – C(B), B(G), A(G)
  • IHF size 1 – D(B), C(G)
  • IHF size 0 (resin free) – E, D(G)


  • Referees will be nominated by organizer; all referees will be an active participant of either EHF or IHF

Final match schedule will be sent by e-mail and posted on our web site by 21.8.2020


  • Medals will be awarded to the top three teams in each age group.
  • Trophy’s will be awarded in each age group to:
  • winning team
  • top scorer in the tournament
  • best player of the tournament - MVP
  • best goalkeeper of the tournament


  • All teams and competitors participate at their own risk. In accordance with the registration provisions all competitors agree to assume all responsibility for themselves, thereby all other parties, including the organizer, are exempt from any direct or indirect liability. The organizer does not accept any liability for any expenses, including travel expenses, expenses for the entry into and the departure from Slovenia, team accommodation expenses (also before tournament), general and medical care expenses (e.g. hospital expenses), liability damage expenses etc. All these costs must be covered by individual clubs and teams themselves.


Registration and pre-payment

  • You can register your teams by completing the form (scroll down on the page). By filling out and sending the team registration, you declare that any data provided on the registration form is true and accurate. By registering, you accept all terms and conditions of the participation and regard all provisions as mandatory for yourself and every member of your team.


Teams need to transfer 30% of the participation fee (costs of accommodation and participation) as pre-payment by no later than 15.8. 2020.

The payment mentioned above (plus the costs of any additionally ordered optional services) has to arrive to our bank-account by no later than 17.8.2020, or to be paid on arrival at the time of registration in cash (if agreed with the organizer).

In case of any unsettled payments, registration of the team is denied, and the team will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.


(All-ready included in the packages prices for accommodation)

- 150€ for teams that don't need accommodation



You can choose from different type of accommodation:

  • Dormitory
  • 3* hotels
  • 4* hotels
  • 4* superior hotels

You can choose your prefeed type of accommodation when filling out the application form. Once the application form has been filled out, we will contact you and sent you the pricelist where you can choose from (still available) accommodations that you prefer. If you would like to know the prices before you register your team please sent us an e-mail.


Please note that some accommodation facilities are not in the walking distance to the Tournament Venues, therefore your team will need a Bus to get there. If you are not planning to come with a Bus, please let us know and we can provide one for you for a surcharge.


All teams, who require a Visa invitation, should send their request to the Condor Travel Sport office ( Requests must contain full names (first and last name), date of birth and passport number of all team members, competitors and officials (provide Word file as an E-mail attachment). The organizer will provide you an invitation letter for Visa procedure.


All cancellations before 30th July 2020 will be fully refunded.

For cancellations after 30th July 2020 you will be refunded 50% of the total amount already paid.

For cancellations after 5th August 2020 no refunds can be issued

We are Looking forward to receiving your confirmation of participation in this tournament by 15th August 2020 at the latest.

Apply your team for 7th Slovenia open handball tournament or pre-season training camp here!

We hope that you will be able to enjoy a wonderful stay in Slovenia and charming city of Celje, and that you will enjoy your stay during this youth handball sports event.

For more information, you can contact us via email:

It would be our pleasure to be your host in Celje and Slovenia!


Get the best for your team!

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